The New York Jets’ Eat Right, Move More Program

New York Jets

New York Jets


As a restaurant general manager and training coach of KFC Restaurants in Clary, New York, Anthony Courcy trains all assistant managers and general managers for 15 stores. Outside of work, Anthony Courcy enjoys following the New York Jets.

Committed to serving youth in the local community, the New York Jets promotes health and wellness through its PLAY 60 program, which aims to reduce childhood obesity through nutrition and fitness efforts. One initiative of the PLAY 60 program is the Eat Right, Move More Program.

A joint initiative of the New York Jets, the New Jersey Department of Agriculture, and the American Dairy Association & Dairy Council, the Eat Right, Move More Program encourages youth to engage in exercise for at least 60 minutes each day and engages schools in a competition to create the most creative, healthy lunch menus. The program awards grants to the schools that submit the 10 most creative menus that exceed state and federal requirements. Schools may use the grant funds to enhance infrastructure and purchase physical education equipment, thereby improving the health and wellness of New Jersey students.