Tips to an Effective Weightlifting Workout

Weightlifting Workout pic

Weightlifting Workout

After starting out as a general manager for a single KFC restaurant, Anthony Courcy was promoted to regional manager. His current duties include hiring managers and helping them transition into their new roles. Outside of Anthony Courcy’s management obligations, he enjoys weightlifting.

Weightlifting is a popular form of physical activity. However, this type of workout should not be done carelessly. A few tips can help you get started so you can achieve an effective, but safe weightlifting workout.

First, while it may seem like the amount of weight being lifted is the most important factor, form actually matters most. When you do not maintain proper form, you risk injury. To achieve optimal form, try starting out slow, lifting your weights smoothly, and lifting lighter weights than you think you can handle. Once you have a new move down and your form is correct, then you can increase the amount of weight you are lifting.

In addition to form, make sure you are paying attention to your breathing. It’s important to exhale as you are working against the resistance, such as while pulling or lifting. As you release, make sure you are inhaling.

Establishing a routine is just as important as your breathing. It’s essential to work major muscle groups two to three times per week if you are weightlifting. Your muscles need time to recover, as they grow stronger when they aren’t being overworked. If you can, wait at least 48 hours between workouts focusing on a particular muscle group.