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How to Choose the Right Bowling Ball When You’re at the Alley

Bowling Ball pic

Bowling Ball
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A resident of New York, Anthony Courcy works at KFC Restaurants as restaurant general manager and training coach. Recreationally, Anthony Courcy enjoys spending time with his daughter and especially likes bowling with her.

When people go to the bowling alley, they’ll have to choose a ball if they did not come with their own. House balls vary in terms of size, weight, and other factors.

Before choosing a ball, bowlers should ensure that its surface is free of dents or other defects. Beyond this factor, there are two major choices to consider. The first is weight. House balls usually state their weight on the cover, although some alleys use a color-coded system. Typically, adult females should use a ball that is 11-12 pounds, and adult males should use one that is 14-15 pounds.

If these sizes do not feel right, people should feel free to try different weights. In general, individuals should be able to comfortably hold the ball in their palm for at least five seconds. If this is not possible, the ball is too heavy.

The other consideration is the size of the finger holes. The thumb hole should be snug but not so tight that the thumb is difficult to remove. Alternately, a hole that is too big puts stress on the thumb joint. The finger holes should allow insertion of the finger up to the second knuckle while naturally stretching the middle and ring fingers.


The Competitive Sport of Powerlifting

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Anthony Courcy serves as general manager and training coach with the Clay, New York-based KFC Restaurants. In that role, he trains all managers in the state and helps transition them into their respective stores. He has also increased sales from $3.1 million to $3.4 million at his own multi-brand store. When not at work, Anthony Courcy enjoys powerlifting, having competed in the sport from a young age.

Powerlifting focuses not on the development of a desirable physique but on the pure attainment of brute strength. As a sport that aims to continually exceed and reset goals, powerlifting is as much about mental fortitude as it is about physical ability.

At its core, powerlifting involves increasing weight capacity in three basic exercises: the bench press, the dead lift, and the squat. Competitions may involve one or more of those exercises. Athletes compete in powerlifting classes based upon their gender, age, and body weight. Competitors in each class have three chances to attempt each lift, and only the best lift is added to their total score. Powerlifters must adhere to strict lift techniques and signal requirements in order to receive a score for the lift. If multiple lifters receive the same score, the lifter with the lowest body weight will be declared the winner.

USA Powerlifting, the nation’s leading powerlifting organization, sanctions competitions at the local, regional, and national levels. USA Powerlifting also chooses the top national powerlifters to compete at the international level, as well as the national team that will compete at the World Games, an international competition for sports not included in the Olympics. The 2017 World Games are scheduled to take place in Wroclaw, Poland, July 20-30.

Healthy Snacks to Eat While Watching Sports Events

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Healthy Snacks
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Since 2014, Anthony Courcy has served KFC Restaurants in a variety of positions, originally as a general manager of one store and now as the restaurant general manager and training coach for 15 stores in New York. Anthony Courcy is also a New York State certified personal trainer and nutritionist.

Sports spectating is often synonymous with snacking, and a large majority of these snacks are high in fat and calories and not good for your health. Events like the World Series, the NCAA Final Four basketball tournament, and the Super Bowl are especially dangerous to those watching their figures.

This season, try to swap out typical snacks for healthier versions. For example, consider making chicken wings with lemon juice, maple syrup, and olive oil for flavor and baking them, rather than frying them, to conserve on calories. Instead of regular stuffed potato skins loaded with cheese and bacon, make chipotle chicken sweet potato skins; sweet potatoes are high in fiber and chicken is one of the leanest meats. You might also add roasted vegetables for extra nutrition and flavor. Shrimp is always a delicious snack, especially seasoned with ginger and garlic, and offers nutritional benefits.

Do your own research to find healthy versions of all your favorite snacks so you can indulge without guilt this basketball, baseball, and football season.

Bodybuilding Benefits More Than Just Your Appearance

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As a regional manager for KFC Restaurants, Anthony Courcy hires and trains managers for all 15 restaurants in New York state. Outside of work, Anthony Courcy enjoys bodybuilding.

Bodybuilding can be an advantageous workout with many physical benefits. According to Marie Spano, a registered dietitian, 700,000 Americans die every year from heart disease. By engaging in a physical activity, such as bodybuilding, you may reduce your risk of developing coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. In addition to keeping your heart healthy, bodybuilding also keeps your bones and joints flexible and strong. This helps reduce your risk of developing osteoporosis and arthritis as you age.

Additionally, bodybuilding can allow you to improve your overall mental health. Weight training may help ease depression, anxiety, and stress. By improving your mood through bodybuilding, you can potentially deal with negative emotions in a more productive way. Feeling and looking your best through weight training can help improve your self-confidence, leading to being a more positive person in general.

Tips to an Effective Weightlifting Workout

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Weightlifting Workout
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After starting out as a general manager for a single KFC restaurant, Anthony Courcy was promoted to regional manager. His current duties include hiring managers and helping them transition into their new roles. Outside of Anthony Courcy’s management obligations, he enjoys weightlifting.

Weightlifting is a popular form of physical activity. However, this type of workout should not be done carelessly. A few tips can help you get started so you can achieve an effective, but safe weightlifting workout.

First, while it may seem like the amount of weight being lifted is the most important factor, form actually matters most. When you do not maintain proper form, you risk injury. To achieve optimal form, try starting out slow, lifting your weights smoothly, and lifting lighter weights than you think you can handle. Once you have a new move down and your form is correct, then you can increase the amount of weight you are lifting.

In addition to form, make sure you are paying attention to your breathing. It’s important to exhale as you are working against the resistance, such as while pulling or lifting. As you release, make sure you are inhaling.

Establishing a routine is just as important as your breathing. It’s essential to work major muscle groups two to three times per week if you are weightlifting. Your muscles need time to recover, as they grow stronger when they aren’t being overworked. If you can, wait at least 48 hours between workouts focusing on a particular muscle group.

Safety Tips for Weight Lifters

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Weight Lifters
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In his professional life, Anthony Courcy leads as restaurant general manager and training coach with KFC Restaurants. An avid power lifter in his free time, Anthony Courcy also enjoys teaching the sport to young competitors.

Regardless of level, all weight lifters must pay careful attention to safety in order to avoid serious injury. This begins with the learning of correct technique through a qualified instructor, who can teach not only how to perform each exercise, but also which exercises to perform to accomplish specific goals. Once the lifter has learned proper form for each exercise, he must practice it throughout every workout.

When working out, lifters should also remember to maintain a safe speed. Experts recommend two seconds for the lift and three seconds for lowering, as the latter requires more time to occur safely. Speed should remain steady throughout the lift, as jerking or tugging motions can not only reduce effectiveness but also create harmful force in the joints.

Finally, no weight lifting session should begin without a proper warm-up. Basic calisthenics and dynamic stretches help to prepare the muscles, though lifters should work their way up to their heaviest weights rather than start with the most difficult lifts. Stretching after the workout further preserves the muscles and helps to prevent injury-related disruption to the workout routine.

The Adirondack Rural Skills and Homesteading Festival

Adirondack Rural Skills and Homesteading Festival pic

Adirondack Rural Skills and Homesteading Festival
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A restaurant manager with nearly 20 years of industry experience, Anthony Courcy serves as general manager and training coach at KFC Restaurants in Clary, New York. Anthony Courcy prepared for his career at Paul Smith’s College in New York, where he studied hotel and restaurant management.

The only four-year college located within the boundaries of the Adirondack Mountains, Paul Smith’s College recently hosted the Adirondack Rural Skills and Homesteading Festival, which celebrates skills that were long part of the homesteading tradition, including logging and farming with draft horses.

Featuring numerous workshops, the Adirondack Rural Skills and Homesteading Festival gave attendees the opportunity to learn about a broad array of topics, including cider making, woodworking, canning, and small-scale farming. The festival also offered attendees a glimpse of competitive logging sports, with a demonstration by the Paul Smith’s Woodsmen Team.

The festival was coproduced by Paul Smith’s College and the Cornell University Cooperative Extension of Franklin County.

The New York Jets’ Eat Right, Move More Program

New York Jets

New York Jets


As a restaurant general manager and training coach of KFC Restaurants in Clary, New York, Anthony Courcy trains all assistant managers and general managers for 15 stores. Outside of work, Anthony Courcy enjoys following the New York Jets.

Committed to serving youth in the local community, the New York Jets promotes health and wellness through its PLAY 60 program, which aims to reduce childhood obesity through nutrition and fitness efforts. One initiative of the PLAY 60 program is the Eat Right, Move More Program.

A joint initiative of the New York Jets, the New Jersey Department of Agriculture, and the American Dairy Association & Dairy Council, the Eat Right, Move More Program encourages youth to engage in exercise for at least 60 minutes each day and engages schools in a competition to create the most creative, healthy lunch menus. The program awards grants to the schools that submit the 10 most creative menus that exceed state and federal requirements. Schools may use the grant funds to enhance infrastructure and purchase physical education equipment, thereby improving the health and wellness of New Jersey students.

Redshirt Junior Emerges as New Alabama Football Star

Alabama Crimson Tide pic

Alabama Crimson Tide
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Anthony Courcy currently serves as a Restaurant General Manager and Training Coach (RGMTC) at KFC Restaurants in Clay, New York. As the RGMTC, he is responsible for hiring and training managers for 15 New York KFC stores. During his free time, Anthony Courcy follows college football is a fan of Alabama Crimson Tide.

The Alabama Crimson Tide is home to several significant talents. For example, there is wide receiver Calvin Ridley who was a breakout freshman last year, leading the Southeastern Conference (SEC) with 89 catches. There is also senior player O.J. Howard who is remembered for his 208 yards and two touchdowns in last year’s national championship game.

This year, however, a new Alabama player is leading the SEC in terms of receiving yards and touchdowns, and it is neither of the abovementioned players. It is redshirt junior ArDarius Stewart who pulled impressive numbers in his first two games: nine catches for 203 yards and three touchdowns. The Fultondale, Alabama-native has been praised by the team’s coach Nick Saban who described Stewart as an explosive player and a really good competitor.

Despite being only 6’1″ and weighing in at 204 pounds, Stewart’s play has been described as very physical with the ability to block every down and make great plays even after a catch. Teammate Howard even describes him as one of the nation’s best blocking receivers.

Getting Started with Deadlifting

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As the Restaurant General Manager and Training Coach (RGMTC) for KFC Restaurants in New York, Anthony Courcy works in training centers where he takes charge in hiring and training all prospective managers in the state of New York. Part of his responsibilities include helping managers transition into their roles. Outside of his professional life, Anthony Courcy is also a competitive powerlifter.

Having begun in 1964, competitive powerlifting has become a fast-growing sport, which is included in numerous high school programs in the country. Basically, the sport consists of judging three primary lifts: the squat, bench, and deadlifts. Among the three, the deadlift is considered to be the most difficult maneuver.

On paper, deadlifting sounds easy; it involves picking up the bar and holding it until the command to put it back down has been received. However, proper form and technique should be developed in order to be able to lift the weights in the first place. In order to do a true deadlift, the powerlifter should make use of leg strength instead of pulling it from the back muscles. Moreover, trainers suggest that the deadlift pull should be done in one smooth motion without any hitching. It is important to note that the bar cannot go back in a downward motion, nor is it allowed to rest on the thighs.