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How to Choose the Right Bowling Ball When You’re at the Alley

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Bowling Ball
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A resident of New York, Anthony Courcy works at KFC Restaurants as restaurant general manager and training coach. Recreationally, Anthony Courcy enjoys spending time with his daughter and especially likes bowling with her.

When people go to the bowling alley, they’ll have to choose a ball if they did not come with their own. House balls vary in terms of size, weight, and other factors.

Before choosing a ball, bowlers should ensure that its surface is free of dents or other defects. Beyond this factor, there are two major choices to consider. The first is weight. House balls usually state their weight on the cover, although some alleys use a color-coded system. Typically, adult females should use a ball that is 11-12 pounds, and adult males should use one that is 14-15 pounds.

If these sizes do not feel right, people should feel free to try different weights. In general, individuals should be able to comfortably hold the ball in their palm for at least five seconds. If this is not possible, the ball is too heavy.

The other consideration is the size of the finger holes. The thumb hole should be snug but not so tight that the thumb is difficult to remove. Alternately, a hole that is too big puts stress on the thumb joint. The finger holes should allow insertion of the finger up to the second knuckle while naturally stretching the middle and ring fingers.