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Getting Started with Deadlifting

Deadlifting pic

Image: stronglifts.com

As the Restaurant General Manager and Training Coach (RGMTC) for KFC Restaurants in New York, Anthony Courcy works in training centers where he takes charge in hiring and training all prospective managers in the state of New York. Part of his responsibilities include helping managers transition into their roles. Outside of his professional life, Anthony Courcy is also a competitive powerlifter.

Having begun in 1964, competitive powerlifting has become a fast-growing sport, which is included in numerous high school programs in the country. Basically, the sport consists of judging three primary lifts: the squat, bench, and deadlifts. Among the three, the deadlift is considered to be the most difficult maneuver.

On paper, deadlifting sounds easy; it involves picking up the bar and holding it until the command to put it back down has been received. However, proper form and technique should be developed in order to be able to lift the weights in the first place. In order to do a true deadlift, the powerlifter should make use of leg strength instead of pulling it from the back muscles. Moreover, trainers suggest that the deadlift pull should be done in one smooth motion without any hitching. It is important to note that the bar cannot go back in a downward motion, nor is it allowed to rest on the thighs.